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 Basic info[]

Character created by Verne Andru

Written and Drawn by Verne Andru

Cover by Verne Andru

24 pages colour

Zine style comic book.

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Published by: oKee.comX

Available on

ISBN-10: 0973883707

ISBN-13: 978-0973883701

Product Dimensions: 26.7 x 21.1 x 1.3 cm

Characters Appearing[]

Captain Cannabis


420-001 "I Can't Wait That Long" is part of the Captain Cannabis comic book series by veteran animator and illustrator Verne Andru. Principally a science fiction story, 420 blends science fiction, dark comedy and gritty realism into a story that's just plain fun.

420 is a later part of the story beginning in Captain Cannabis No. 1 picking up the adventures of aging roadie Hal Lighter getting caught up in the middle of an extraterrestrial turf war over the planet Earth. In the process, he scores the extraterrestrial herb that transforms him into Captain Cannabis, a superhero who is about as far from politically correct as you can get.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 5,000 Copies Printed, Officially Released Aug. 27 2006

Editorial Reviews[]

High Times – February 2007 SENSI SUPERMAN


You think you’re smokin’ the good stuff? You’re ready to take the Sour Diesel and go head-to-head with the best of ‘em? Well, whatever strain you’ve got that’s burning a hole in your stashbag is nothing compared to the joint that the space aliens laid on Hal Lighter, the bud-bogarting roadie who stars in the new canna-comic entitled simply 420. After a chance meeting with an E.T.T [Extra-Terrestrial Toker] Hal samples some cosmic pot and, lo and behold, transforms into Captain Cannabis! Comic and cannabis connoisseurs alike should visit for all the details.


Skunk Magazine – vol 2, issue 8

Be on high alert for this thirteen-part, non-poser, sci-fi comic book series by Hanna Barbera/Nelvana alumnus Verne Andru. Lebowski-esque rocker roadie Halburt “Hal” Lighter unwittingly and unwillingly embarks on a Dr. Hoolie-kinda trip when a toke of the REALLY good stuff presto-changos him into Captain Cannabis!