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Written and Illustrated by Mark Haynes


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Welcome to a world where fame and gold chains are one in the same. A world where signing your soul away fora record deal means exactly that, and the sacred religion of music is on the brink of extinction. 

Money and power in this world are directly associated with the most sucessful record label in the country...$inCity Records. Sincity Records roster consists of 3 rappers (Zig zag Kama Sutra 94) and one producer (The Beat Demon). They were each awarded a red gold chain as a signing bonus and promised 7 years of success in the music industry but as we all know if It sounds to good to be usually is. 

The real story begins when a sinister group known only as The 11„Click start hunting the Sincity artist's down one by one and snatching their chains right off their necks. What the villains know and the Sincity artist's don't is that each one of the chains have properties that give the person wearing them mystical powers. For 9_4, The Beat Demon, Zig Zag and Kama Sutra time is running out because in the wrong hands the chains power could lead to the end of life on earth as they know it 

Can 9_4 and his labelmates stop the hi-Click before it's too late ? 

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