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Basic info[]

Written by John Ward

Art by EV Cantada

Cover by EV Cantada

Lettered by Lucas Gattoni

24 pages full Colour

Successfully funded on Kickstarter

Published by: Arbutus Studios

Characters Appearing[]

RCMP Officer Tara Becker


ACAUSAL is a dynamic, fast-paced crime comic with a hint of science fiction. It's the story of Tara Becker, a disillusioned RCMP officer who must learn to trust a pair of determined criminals receiving messages from the future. Only by working together can this unlikely trio stop a maniacal anarcho-terrorist from destroying Toronto.

The characters in ACAUSAL aren’t moving through time, causing paradoxes and arguing over timeline diagrams. Instead, we're interested in how they react to receiving information from the future, and the dilemma of whether they should intervene or let things play out as intended.

It’s a story about belief, and what happens when your beliefs are challenged. We live in an increasingly divided and polarized time...  so what happens when you’re presented with information that contradicts the things you believe in?

And of course we have a mystery element. Who is sending them information from the future, and why are they doing so?

ACAUSAL is an action-packed thriller full of flawed characters, surprise revelations, and – of course - time travel. It's full of morally ambiguous, flawed characters who are in difficult situations. It’s perfect for fans of Criminal, The Comeback, and Murder Book.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: June 2021, ?number of copies? Copies Printed