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Basic info[]

Writer/Artist: Fell Hound

Letterer: Lucas Gattoni

Editor: Frankee White

Logo Designer: Winston Gambro

Funded on Kickstarter


A violent dystopian war meets a girl who bleeds memories. Told in stunning technicolor against a black and white world, this is the tale of a bygone life grasping for a chance to live again.

November 2X66. A young soldier lies dead on the battlefield, waiting to be buried in a mass grave with her platoon. Victim to a cruel and unending war, the only mark of her existence is a memory–slowly bleeding out onto the rotted earth:

The joy. The sadness. The excitement. The loneliness. The love. The fear.

A lifetime of memories. Bled out one by one. Soon to be forgotten forever.

This is the life of Julie Rao.

They say war is a story told by the survivors, but what of the stories that never got told? Taking the heart and soul of Stand by Me with the mournful suspense of Grave of the Fireflies, AND WE LOVE YOU is a 64-page graphic novella about about war, regret, and the crushing tragedy of dying young. It is a life story told in blood spilt, and a candid reminder of just how little we know about the people we love.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ??? Copies Printed.