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Basic info[]

Written by Mark Allard-Will with artwork by Elaine Will.

48 pages, perfect bound, full colour.

Published by Cuckoo's Nest Press


Two decades have passed since the heyday of cartridge-based 16-Bit video games came and went. AxeMan, the titular selectable character of sidescroller, AxeMan: The Raiders' Chronicles, is left in a spiritual limbo, aimlessly seeking out any thrill that could lift him from his boredom-induced funk.

After years of hoping for adventure, AxeMan finds out the hard way what it truly means to be careful what you wish for, when a raging storm of fierce pixels begins to tear its way through his world, launching him and his fellow selectable characters in to a race against time to save his world.

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Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ??? Copies Printed, Released May 13 2017