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Basic info[]

Written & Drawn by Monique MacNaughton

Cover by Monique MacNaughton

Softcover, 88 pages, Black and White

Published by: Coydog Press

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Collects these Comics[]

  • Originally published in several parts


In an alternate early 21st century, Canada and the U.S. have fallen, to be replaced by warring ethnostates, the most dangerous of which is the Covenant, which now occupies much of North America. They have unveiled a dangerous new psychotronic weapon to unleash on their enemies, which are... most of the rest of the world. Oh dear, who will stop them? WAIT FOR IT.... The only other thing on the planet that can meet this threat is another entity commanding the same forces, and it takes the form of... an Avro Arrow. So, how did this aircraft (a) evade the torchers after the cancellation of the Arrow project, (b) become an antonymous and sentient entity and (c) pop out of "nowhere" five decades after it disappeared? And how did it acquire an "adopted sister"? CAUTION: contains an acid-tongued take on Canada/US relations, Canadian history, and inadvertent underage drinking.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Printing 100 Copies, Published on 1992