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Character Description[]

​In 1912, in a small mining town in Northern Ontario, Canada, a mysterious gas was unleashed from within the cavernous depths of a booming gold mine.  Exposing all workers inside and countless others as it escaped to the outer northern atmosphere, the course of history changed forever.  

   On that tragic day, one brave man risked his life in an attempt to save others.  That selfless hero fought through the pain and pulled several of his friends and co-workers out of the mine, and to what he assumed was safety.  Despite his heroics, it was too late for them all.  Many of the transformations were instantaneous but each and every one exposed, changed into evil beasts, cursed forever with the bodies and souls of monsters.

  As our hero fell to the ground, writhing in pain and expecting his inevitable fate, something magical occurred.  A Northern Goddess appeared and bestowed upon him the ability to control the beast inside.  The Goddess also told Auric that it was his destiny to save the north from all the evil that was created that day.

  It’s been a decade now since Auric slayed the last beast and saved the North from it’s century-long battle against evil.  But with the recent re-emergence of the monsters, our hero has returned to fight for his people. 

Now, in his golden years, Auric begins to assemble a new team and struggles to battle a new generation of monsters, all while dealing with the fact that he is no longer in his prime.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Strength
  • Enhanced Senses, Speed and Reflexes
  • Changes from Human Form to Lion Form
  • Is Able To Project Energy Through His Custom Bow and Sword.

Official Websites[]

Published by Great North Comics


Original Character Design by Mike Rooth

Andrew Thomas

Davis Dewsbury

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