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Basic Info[]

Written by Davis Dewsbury

Art & Letters by Andrew Thomas

Colours by Sharon Gauthier

Page Count:


Published by Great North Comics

Characters Appearing[]

  • Auric of the Great White North
  • Lincoln Fletcher (1st Appearance)
  • Taurin Curtis
  • Janks Fletcher
  • Silverhorn (1st Appearance)
  • Duncan Shaverly
  • Rolly Bonamy (1st Appearance)
  • Kinzie Norlan


The Curse is back. After a decade of peace, monsters once again roam the northlands. With the growing threat of evil upon us, there is one shining light and his name is Auric. Now, far from his prime, Auric has stepped out of retirement to reclaim his title and protect his people but do they still have faith in their old hero?

Printing Information[]

  1. Main Cover - 1000 Copies Official Release - September 1st, 2016
  2. Mike Rooth Variant - 100 Copies