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Basic Info[]

Written by Davis Dewsbury

Art & Letters by Andrew Thomas

Colours by Sharon Gauthier

Page Count:


Published by Great North Comics

Winner of Best Comic Book in the CanComics Wiki Awards 2017

Characters Appearing[]


Taurin Curtis, a familiar face from Auric's past, has resurfaced at a press conference. On that very stage, Curtis reveals that he and his company have discovered a way to control the beasts. He reveals his first successful subject, a minotaur named Silverhorn. It is Curtis' plan to reprogram these beasts and use them as a new defense against evil. As Auric voices his disapproval from the crowd, he is drugged just minutes before another beast breaks free from a Curtis transfer trailer. A confrontation is inevitable and Auric already has a history with this beast.

Printing Information[]

  1. Main Cover - 35 Copies Toronto ComicCon pre-release March 17 2017
  2. Main Cover - 1000 Copies Official Release - 2017
  3. Mike Rooth Variant - 100 Copies
  4. Blizzard Edition Sketch Cover - 100 Copies