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Basic Info[]

Written by Davis Dewsbury

Art & Letters by Andrew Thomas

Colours by Sharon Gauthier

Page Count: 20, Colour


Published by Great North Comics

Characters Appearing[]


Taurin Curtis, a face from Auric's past, has resurfaced revealing he has discovered a way to control the cursed beasts that have reemerged. While unveiling Silverhorn, a combat trained minotaur obedient to Curtis' command, a captive snow monster escapes from a transfer trailer and runs amok downtown. In battle, before his townspeople and the media, a drugged Auric fails where Silverhorn succeeds. As public opinion of his capabilities sway, Auric goes to lick his wounds at the local tavern where we see his old teammates are not as close as they once were.  

Printing Information[]

  1. Main Cover - 500 Copies Official Release - December 2017
  2. Mike Rooth Variant - 100 Copies

Mike Rooth Variant