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Basic info[]

Written by Davis Dewsbury

Art & Letters by Andrew Thomas

Colours by Sharon Gauthier

Page Count 24, Colour.


Published by: Great North Comics

Characters Appearing[]

- Auric of the Great White North

- Taurin Curtis

- Marc - Security Guard

- Dimitrie - Security Guard

- Janks Fletcher

- Kinzie Norlan

- Sasha (Lynx)

- Private Beck Pascoe

- Silverhorn

- Darryl/Homarus Beast

- Desbois


A call from Janks at HQ sends Auric to Schumacher on a recon mission.  There, Auric finds a long-abandoned mining property cloaked in a magic dome and the site doesn’t look abandoned anymore.

Printing Information[]

  1. Main Cover (Andrew Thomas) - 350 Copies Official Release - March 15, 2019.
  2. Mike Rooth Variant - 50 Copies.