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Basic info[]

Written by Jeff Burton

Illustrated by Justin Shauf

colourist Donovan Yaciuk

letterer Rod Salm

First Appearance of Auroraman

Published digitally on Comixology by Chapterhouse Comics

Published in print by Minijeff Productions

Characters Appearing[]


Auroraman is Saskatchewan’s very own superhero based out of the small city of Humboldt. He is a husband, a father, a teacher and now a fledgling superhero! Having found a cosmic powered staff during a meteor shower he works to learn what powers it grants him while working to protect his hometown and beyond!

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 650 Copies Printed Officially Released June 18 2016 Humbolt Summer Sizzler Comic Con 2016
  2. Blank Sketch Cover
  3. Issue 0 Variant Cover by Andrew Ford
  4. Second Print: 150 Copies Printed Officially Released Mid December 2016 
  5. Second Print Variant Colour Your Own Cover by Justin Shauf 25 Copies