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Basic info[]

  • WRITERS: Jeff Burton & Dan Collins
  • ILLUSTRATORS: Justin Shauf, Shay Hahn, Corbin Shauf, Justin Shauf, Elaine Will, Sharon Gauthier, Christoper Yao & Jason Sylvestre
  • COLOURS: Donovan Yaciuk & Madelyn Yaciuk
  • LETTERS: Donovan Yaciuk, Julian Salm, Rod Salm, Elaine Will, Sharon Gauthier & Jason Sylvestre
  • COVER: Gibson Quarter

Published by Burton 7 Productions

Runner-up for Best Comic Book in the CanComics Wiki Awards 2017

Characters Appearing[]


While on a field trip to observe a meteor shower Jeff Burton discovers a wooden staff that is bursting with cosmic power so he does what any mild-mannered school teacher and father would do, he puts it in the local lost and found bin – WAIT! No, he doesn’t, he uses it to become the new Super Power of the Prairies – Auroraman!

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ??? Copies Printed, Officially Released September 17 2017 Sask Expo 2017