Basic info

Written by John  Fleming

Art by Collette Turner

Colour by J-Skipper (Jeremiah Skipper)

Cover by Collette Turner

22 pages Colour

Nominated for the 2017 Gene Day Award at the The Joe Shuster Awards

Funded on Kickstarter


Published by: Dapper Drone


This comic is a lighthearted look at the world, gently seasoned with a little ultra-violence for flavor. It follows three young women as they deal with the threat posed by a brotherhood of ninjas, seemingly led by an old ally. From there, things get complicated...

Printing Information

  1. First Print: ?? Copies Printed, Officially Released September 2016
  2. Variant Cover by Mirka Andolfo 60 Copies
  3. Blank Sketch Cover ?? Copies

Variant Cover by Mirka Andolfo


Blank Cover

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