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Basic info[]

Written by: Attila Kiss

Art and Cover by: Greg Woronchak

Cover Color by: Matheus Bronca

64 Pages Black & White / Blue

Available Digitally & Print-On-Demand on IndyPlanet , Amazon Kindle

Published by: Scattered Comics

Collects these separate issues[]


Punk is Dead!

At least it is for the Gekimo siblings, aka The Punk Brats, when the drummer and the oldest rat in the mischief contracts the "blues".

With their reputation and career at stake, the two remaining brothers and the newly appointed Canadian cousin/Manager, are running out of time to find the cure for Bob's ailment.

The adventures are mounting and so are the headaches, but will they find a way to reverse the old family curse?

The questions will be answered in this massive page-turner, where all 3 issues of the limited series are collected, for one convenient read.

Printing Information[]

Officially released on: October 27. 2018