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Basic info[]

Written by Nevin Arnold

Art by Nevin Arnold

Cover by Nevin Arnold

Black & White interior

Website ~ Facebook

Published by: Hangman Comics

Characters Appearing[]

Calavera, The Necromaster


Calavera's adventures continue as she faces off against the deadly Necromaster and his undead empire!

"a book that is as much fun to read as it is to view" - The Read Pile

"Part Tank Girl and Part Vampirella the series is a campy good read with excellent artwork to boot" "9/10"- RWG

"a campy zombie-rocker rag that fuses good laughs with a deceptively simple but remarkably wicked and dense plot that keeps the pages turning" - Geek Syndicate

" Four out of Five Stars " - Jazma Online

Printing Information[]

Originally published in 2014 by Hangman Comics. Re-released full colour in 2015 by American Publisher "Insane Comics".

CALAVERA -2 rerelease