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340 Votes cast between December 13 and December 31 2017. Winners determined by most number of votes.

The Canadian Independent Comic Book Wiki wishes to congratulate all of this years winners on their excellent work. Creating independent comic books is a constant struggle so we wish to let all creators know that we appreciate their work and this is just one way for fans to show their appreciation. We hope that these awards can help grow awareness for Canadian indie comics. For accountability purposes, the anonymous votes will be provided to any nominated creator who wishes to inspect them by emailing cancomicswiki {at}

Best Comic Book

Awarded to the canadian indie comic book published in 2017 which was most enjoyed by fans.

Winner Auric of the Great White North Issue 3

AwardInstagram 2017 1

Runner Up Auroraman Issue 1

AwardInstagram 2017 4

Honourable Mentions: Neon Black Issue 2 & Big Nick Issue 2

Best Graphic Novel

Awarded to the canadian indie graphic novel published in 2017 which was most enjoyed by fans.

Winner The Adventurers: Love You So Very Much

AwardInstagram 2017 2

Runner Up Toronto Comics Anthology Yonge at Heart

AwardInstagram 2017 5

Honourable Mentions Arkade & Daisy Blackwood - The Cursed Island

Favourite Creator

Awarded to a Canadian comic book creator who's independent comic work and fan engagement was most enjoyed by fans in 2017.

Winner Kelly Tindall

AwardInstagram 2017 3

Runner Up Davis Dewsbury

AwardInstagram 2017 6

Honourable Mentions: Andrew Thomas & Kevin Briones