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Basic info[]

Written by Rik van Dyk

Art by Rik van Dyk

Cover by Rik van Dyk

28 pages B&W

Published by: Little Runt Comix


As the 21s t century reared its ugly head, the corrupt government of Canada began to slowly take away the rights and privileges of its people. Deep within secret meetings at the house of commons, plans were drawn to methodically strip away the present government and replace it with a more "efficient", controlled political system.

Mock parliamentary meetings were televised to deceive and stall· the people until they passed the point of no return. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were brainwashed into thinking that there was a revolution rising and that they were Canada's only defence against total anarchy.

In truth, the R.C.M.P. became pawns of the government; a leather boot of authority that would stamp out any that would oppose the change. Some had seen it coming, but most did not. To keep the united nations out of the way, various payoffs were made out to other governments including the money hungry united states. 

Quebec, being the most immediate threat to the new regime, was separated from the rest of Canada by a mile-high wall. The province was converted into a concentration facility where 'revolutionaries" were stripped of their assets and their dignity. This, they thought, would discourage uprisings. 

They were wrong. The spirit of the Canadian people could not be crushed so easily.  Even as the new Canadian flag rose across the nation devoid of the maple leaf, the people held valiantly onto the belief that one day, someone would come to shine a guiding light of hope that would lead the way to freedom.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 1995
  2. Second Print: 1996
  3. Third Print: San Diego Comic Con 200 copies August 1997