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Basic info[]

Character created by Verne Andru

Written and Drawn by Verne Andru

Cover by Verne Andru

24 pages black and white

40th Anniversary re-mastering of 1977 zine style comic book.

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Published by: oKee.comX

Available on Comixology

ISBN-10: 0973885157

ISBN-13: 978-0973885156

Product Dimensions: 16.8 x 0.1 x 26 cm

Characters Appearing[]

Captain Cannabis


Roll Me Another One

Captain Cannabis No. 1 40th Anniversary edition brings the original 1977 Captain Comic book into the 21st century. Creator Verne Andru painstakingly digitized, cleaned up and airbrushed the original 16 black-and-white artwork pages giving them a vibrance and polish that makes the story seem to jump from the pages. He took the same care with the story, taking several continuity passes ensuring this epic story starts with a bang!

And what a story! In this issue we meet young Hal Lighter and sweetheart Marion Jones as they become entangled in a tale of mystery and intrigue spanning time and space. After she is abducted, mysterious glowing reefer starts transforming reluctant hero Hal into Captain Cannabis, a "superhero" on a mission.

Filling out the 28 pages (including covers) is a seven page comic book story by Verne Andru titled "Angel." Written and illustrated after Captain Cannabis, it follows the lone survivor of a space shuttle crash struggling for survival on an alien planet armed only with her wits. As a special treat, the last 3 pages feature artwork by artist extraordinaire George Freeman. Angel first appeared in "The Canadian Graphic Collector #4" during 1978.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: Officially Released April 20 2017

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