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Who is 11th Dimension Press?

Based in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada and founded in 2012, 11th Dimension Press is a forward-thinking independent publisher working hard to give our authors the best chance of success in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

11D Press’ philosophy is to cast our net as widely as possible in search of great projects whether they be books, graphic novels, textbooks, albums, anthologies, or compilations.  In a world where publishers and literary agents become less and less accessible to any artists who dares to exist anywhere off the mainstream, 11D Press continues to accept unsolicited work from both new and established artists. Our goal is to help give artists the opportunity to reach the broadest possible audience!  You can read more about how to submit a book to us here.

Whether you are a reader, a writer, illustrator, or critic, we encourage you to get involved with 11D Press.  You can start by following us on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook.

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