Expired Comics is the result of an attempt to defeat monotony. In 2004, Kevin and Martin had just met at a less than stellar summer job. After working just a few days, they realized that it would slowly seep the happiness from their souls. Then, as if by a miracle, inspiration hit, they witnessed the most amazing mullet. This was no normal mullet; it was a beautifully gelled masterpiece which bounced ever so softly in the wind. From that moment, Kevin and Martin pooled their creativity to bring The MorningWood Guardian to life. 

Since then, Expired Comics has grown and now specialize in creating and publishing comic books, kid's books and web comics. Newly founded and based in Ottawa, Ontario, Expired Comics has already gained national and international recognition for their two comic series, The MorningWood Guardian, which held the #1 selling spot on iTunes/iBooks Canada and Earth's Finest, which was quoted by AMC's Comic Book Men's Ming Chen as being "The greatest comic ever created!"

Expired Comics is always hard at work on exciting projects you won't want to miss! 

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