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Written by Casey Oraa

Illustrated by Winters

28 Pages Black and White

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When we first met Paul “Champ” Hurd in Issue #1, we discovered that he's a privileged family man with a side of himself that he’s doing his best to conceal. With conflict brewing at home, Champ finds himself in a sticky situation after finding some...release. 

How will Champ navigate this in Issue #2 and beyond? Tune in to find out!

Self-published, Champ is available digitally through Etsy. A small, zine-style print run is being sold through select vendors and is currently on sale at the Silver Snail (Toronto) The Beguiling (Toronto) and Glad Day Bookshop (Toronto)

Printing Information

  1. First Print: ??? Copies Printed Officially Released 2017
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