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Basic info[]

220 page anthology book

7" x 9" Paperback

Published by 11th Dimension Press

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CHILLY TALES is a collection of work from thirty of Canada's finest comic artists and writers. Curated by the Shuster Award winning PlierPants (Matt Daley and Cory McCallum), CHILLY TALES brings together some of the amazing work being done in and around the fringes of the Canadian comics scene.

Contributions by:

Fiona Smyth • Keith McLean  

Dakota McFadzean • Somya Singh  

Elaine Will • Ian McMurray  

Oliver Henry McTavish-Wisden  

Ksenia Kozhevnikova • Josh Rosen  

Marc Bell • Mark Connery  

Josh Holinaty • Jesse Bochner  

Jay Moysey • Colin Upton  

Jeff Fenwick • Robb Mirsky  

Rosena Fung • Angel Chen  

Wm Brian MacLean  

Shira Haberman  

Noam Sussman  

Marta Chudolinska  

Drue Langlois • Myles Langlois  

Jason Bradshaw • Hyein Lee  

Jordan Bursach 

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ??? Aug. 28 2014