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Basic info[]

Written by Maurice Devereaux

Drawn by M. Ramlan, Donald Caron, Kewber Baal , Daniel Wichinson, Adriano Vicente

Cover by Ron Joseph

Softcover, 112 pages, full colour

Published by: self-published

Website Clan of the Devil

Successfully funded on Kickstarter

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For a quarter century, the locals believed the roads of Galloway were haunted by something evil… Witches, redcap goblins, ghosts, no one knew for certain what was causing the disappearance of hundreds of people. But one infamous day, this mystery would be revealed, and a name would become legendary, giving chills to all those who heard it.. SAWNEY BEANE!

For the first time ever, the epic, decades spanning origin of Sawney Beane and his inbred clan of cave dwelling cannibals shall be told. After fourteen years away ruling England, King James VI returns to his homeland and is confronted with the reign of terror of these flesh-eating ghouls…

In an era of bitter conflicts between catholics and protestants, the king’s fear of witchcraft would send hundreds of innocent people to their fiery death and change the history of Scotland forever, creating a monster that would terrify generations…

Based on true events, and meticulously researched from period records, CLAN OF THE DEVIL is a dark journey into Scotland’s terrifying past…

NOTE: This book is intended for adult readers and contains mature subject matter.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Printing ??? Copies, Published February, 2021