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About []

Crash and Burn is a queer space opera webcomic and graphic novel that started in 2015. It continues to serialize a page per week at

Series Summary []

In the not-so-distant future, tensions between humanity and the ornos — a genderless race of bird-like aliens — are running high. When the H.S.V. Concord, a ship bearing both the ornos’ imperial heir apparent and a group of human peace keepers, disappears in uncharted space, it seems inevitable that the two species will go to war.

But, unknown to those in charge, a small group has survived the crash of the Concord. Led by Cora, one of the human survivors, the group must figure out how to get along, and how to get home… before both their worlds, as they know them, come to an end.

Artist []

Finn Lucullan is an agender creator and illustrator from Calgary, AB. They enjoy finding collaborative, multimedia projects and rubbing their queer little hands over every genre they can find. They are currently working on Crash and Burn, a queer space opera.

Author []

Kate Larking is a book buyer for an independent bookstore. In her off hours, between binge-watching anime and leveling-up game characters, she writes speculative fiction for both YA and adult markets. Her queer space opera comic, Crash and Burn, was a finalist for the 2016 Aurora Award for best English Graphic Novel. She cofounded Anxiety Ink, a community of writers dealing with the stress and challenges of writing. She resides in Calgary, AB with her wife, daughter, and six pets.

Awards and Nominations []

  • Finalist in the 2016 Prix Aurora Awards for Best English Graphic Novel

Support the Comic []

Crash and Burn's primary support comes from their Patreon patrons. To support Crash and Burn, please visit our Patreon page.

You can also purchase the Crash and Burn issues at Gumroad and Comixology.