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Basic info[]

Writer/Artist Nick O'Gorman with Kurt Belcher

Letters by Nick O'Gorman

Funded on Kickstarter

Death Row Sorcerer is a whimsically dark 48-page psychedelic supernatural/prison adventure written, drawn and coloured by Nick O’Gorman with Kurt Belcher as co-writer.

Magic spells, lockdowns, necromancy, prison shivs, toilet potions, riots and more, Death Row Sorcerer is an action pact romp combining the well-known tropes of prison-fiction with the zannyness of Evil Dead. Nick O’Gorman’s art vividly creates a colourful world that leaps off the page, where your ethereal witch-familiar may just be some mangey prison cat and tomes of magic are one inter-library loan away!


The story centers around Mafia lackey Dresden Lang, a man whose gambling debts are catching up to him. After a botched burglary Lang is sent to death row after he (accidently) killed somebody in the commission of a felony. Between adjusting to prison life, reading legal books and drafting his own appeals, Dresden’s execution date nears and his window to escape the state-sanctioned terminus draws close. All hope seems lost… until he is struck by a sudden inspiration; where legal-craft had failed, perhaps a (slightly) blacker, darker art may succeed!

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ??? Copies Printed.