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Character Description[]

Desbois is an ass kicking, axe-swinging, gun-wielding, technologically enhanced, potty-mouthed, French Canadian protector of the North. He is also a recovering alcoholic hellbent on using his second chance to redeem himself.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Enhanced Sight And Hearing.
  • Enhanced Strength (Able To Lift Ten Tons).
  • Enhanced Speed (Approx. Ten Times Faster Than A Regular Person).
  • Alien Tech Also Provides An Effective Healing Factor.
  • Naturally Gifted Woodsman (Hunter & Tracker).
  • Munitions Expert.

Official Websites[]


Published by Great North Comics


Character Design by Andrew Thomas

Story by Davis Dewsbury

List of Comic Book Appearances[]

Image Gallery[]

* Auric -4 Cover FINAL