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Basic info[]

Written by Michael McAdam, Art by Jeremy Thew.

Softcover, 24 pages, 6.75"x10.5" perfect bound, colour interior

Published by Two Gargoyles Comics


Imagine a comic world where all super heroes and villains are ridiculous rubber-wearing deviants. Right, pretty much like our world.

Except more so.

Diaperman rejoins Sleepers and Doc Lazarus to fight the fearsome Fetish Five! The Spanker returns and… DEFEATS our heroes? What?? And who is the mysterious Straight Arrow? And who is the mysterious figure with the duplicate Soother to Diaperman’s? Diaperman! A padded paladin seeking to pacify a world that needs changing. Along with his sidekick Sleepers, he fights an assorted array of fetishistic villains to bring peace to the troubled city of Megopolis.

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Printing Information[]

  1. Self-published in 2009 by Two Gargoyles Comics.