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Basic info[]

Written and drawn by Ron Hotz

Softcover, 60 pages, full colour, 20cm by 20cm



Draw Blood is a 60 page narrative about (secretly) realizing creative expression at work. The story begins with three cartoon characters who emerge from office doodles. They inhabit a confused environment; trapped somewhere between loose subconscious scrawls and hard edged renderings of a medical clinic. Unable to find their place within either medium they search for another setting - a place to call home.

In keeping with the theme of work settings the materials employed are medical office supplies; including things like X-ray films, coffee and found objects.

Ron Hotz is a published author and cartoonist. His novel The Animal Sciences is represented by Coach House Books. His cartoon strip The Cosmic Mumbler and Blackie ran in NOW magazine alongside Life In Hell by Matt Groening and Ernie Pook's Comeek by Lynda Barry. He is also the creator of the popular web comic BEST DAY EVR! which has been regularly updated since 2014. Dr. Hotz is a practicing physician and educator who lives with his family in Toronto.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Printing 100 Copies, Published in April 2016