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Basic info[]

Written and drawn by Salgood Sam

Softcover, 166 pages, perfect bound 8"x10"

Black & White Bleed on Mohawk 140 White paper

Funded on Kickstarter

Published by Spilt Ink


Murder in BC leads to an inuksuk in Ontario. Charlie’s childhood friend is about to die. Hitchhiking in BC PJ’s luck runs out. Lionel is in crisis, time for love? Leslie is a therapist and part time drug dealer. It’s just occurring to her that she hates her job. Dan’s six year old daughter thinks he needs to grow up. She may have a point.

First in a two part story, 161 pages of cinematic, neorealist comics by Salgood Sam.

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Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 525 Copies Printed, Released April 25 2014
  2. Second print