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Basic info[]

Written by: Greg Moser & Cody Yeo

Art by: Christian Wolfe

24 black & white pages


EPOCHS is an ongoing comic, encapsulating the charm and versatility of short stories taking place within a common universe. Drawing from different moods and genres (from crime noir to science fiction), EPOCHS has the feeling and look of Sin City meets The Twilight Zone. These stand-alone short stories will share common characteristics and develop into an intricate history that reveals itself naturally throughout the series. These connections between stories will allow us to take things in any direction we feel suitable, while keeping everything in the universe connected.

Every issue of EPOCHS will contain multiple short stories of varying genre and length. Issue #1 has a fifteen page, one-shot, crime thriller titled "The Straight and Narrow" and an eight page, psychological sci-fi story titled "Rivers Of Oblivion". Many of our stories will be serialized into multiple parts and "Rivers Of Oblivion" will be featured through issues one to three. At the end of every EPOCHS comic will be a one page, expressive dialogue piece which features us, the creators, as characters living within this comic universe. 

"THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW" is the opening story of the series, written by Cody Yeo. It is the tale of Andre Solitaire, an ex-detective, who's drug addictions lost him both his job and family. One evening he receives a note from a local drug dealer named Simon, saying he has his wife and daughter hostage and will kill them if he doesn't receive the "evidence" by midnight. In a drunken, coked out rage, Andre heads out into the night with one thing on his mind... Kill Simon.

Along his journey Andre comes across friends and foes who each uniquely shape his view of the true meaning of retribution. Will he be able to save his family? Can he overcome his demons? Is he ever going to get himself back on THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW?

"RIVERS OF OBLIVION" is a supernatural, psychological thriller written by Greg Moser, that will keep readers guessing until the last page. Our main characters, Jim, a mechanic, and Aaron, a musician, are two brothers who live together sharing a routine life. One day Aaron mysteriously goes missing and Jim begins to question the strange things going on around him. 

Finding it increasingly harder to tell the difference between reality and his dreams, Jim is plagued by visions of his brother. Is Jim losing his mind? Will he find out what happened to his brother, or is he forever lost in the RIVERS OF OBLIVION?

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print:  ??? Copies Printed Officially Released November 26 2014