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Basic info[]

Written by Pat Murphy

Art by Jarrod Bezzina

Lettered by Michael McAdam

Cover Art by Greg Woronchak

Edited by Alexi Knott

22 pages, full colour.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter

Echoes of the Triumphant mixes the genres of science fiction and crime dramas by creating a kick-ass thriller. The story takes place in the vibrant & semi-futuristic year of 2031 in the not-so-shy fictional streets of Echo City.


The year is 2031. Adrian Avery is one exhibition fight away from signing onto the Ultimate Warrior’s League. As he’s about to win the fight, The Incident happens. An explosion takes place just outside of the Pexxan chemical plant in Echo City. The chemical debris leaves many dead, twice as many injured and most tweaked.

Y'know ‘Tweaks’, as the people of Echo City call them. They're genetic misfits who are left physically altered the point were they are stronger, faster and tougher than the average joe. Needless to say, Adrian didn’t have too much luck in the fighting industry after tweaks came into the picture. Adrian wasn’t the only one who lost his job. After the Echo City Incident Survivor’s Registration Act came into play, tweaks were forced to work in physically-intensive industries like to construction and mining. The city hired a private military contract named XPEL to take care of the tweaks who didn’t like the idea. To the tweaks that opposed… well they didn’t have tweak proof prisons at the time. Soon after, Echo City became an economic superpower! Adrian soon went to school and landed a job as a forensic accountant. Though this didn’t change his resentment for what tweaks took from him. Will Adrian forgive tweaks for taking away his dream job or will he let his resentment get the best of him?

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