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Basic info[]

Written by Pat Murphy

Art by Jarrod Bezzina

Lettered by Michael McAdam

Cover Art by Greg Woronchak

Edited by Alexi Knott

26 pages, full colour.

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The year is 2035. Echo City is an economic superpower. Over four years have passed since a chemical plant explosion left many genetically mutated or 'tweaked' as most people like to call them. Tweaks have been forced to work in physically-intensive industries like construction and mining thanks to the Echo City Incident Survivor’s Registration Act. This exploitative law forces tweaks to work hard labor for less than decent pay. The city hired a "peace-keeping" private military contract named XPEL to take care of the tweaks who didn’t like the idea.

Adrian Avery, lives an unfulfilled life taking crap from his boss working as a forensic accountant. He can't find the evidence to keep Lionheart in jail. Lionheart is a dangerous tweak extremist that wants to impose his own sense of order in Echo City. Authorities want to catch him. If they find him and there's no silver bullet, Lionheart will pay top-notch lawyers and judges to reduce his sentencing. Adrian wants to get some evidence so that he can at least get a promotion and hence some sense of fulfillment in his life.

One day coming home from work, his brother Martin (a tweak renegade) proposes that he steals advanced armour from XPEL. The armour is advanced enough so that a norm (such as Adrian) can take heavy hits from tweaks. With the armour, Adrian can fight his way into one of Lionheart's bases and steal enough evidence to put Lionheart behind bars for good.

Using the armour that he stole, Adrian embarks on a mission to bring Lionheart down.

But as Adrian gets closer to finding the dirt he needs, he finds an ugly truth about Echo City.

Printing Information[]

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