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Basic info[]

240 pages black and white 10.18 x 6.56 in

Anthology Contributors:

Jeff Ellis, Colin Upton, Edison Yan, Bevan Thomas, Ksenia Kozhevnikova, Kate Ebensteiner, Kris Sayer, Jordan Stasuk, Julian Lawrence, Matthew Klippenstein, Eric Johnson, Ian Thomas, Jeri Weaver, Micah Iwaasa, Renka Singh, Shevon Singh, A.L. Onfroi, Craig Wilson, D.M. Higgins, Dino Caruso, George Athanasiou, Jason Wilkins, Jayleen Weaver, John Ward, Kyle Roberts, Liam Rodgers, Manoj Kumar A, Nelson de Rocha, Nevin Arnold, Stephany Lein, Tesni E, Xan Grey

Winner of the 2016 Gene Day Award at The Joe Shuster Awards

Funded on Kickstarter

Website: Cloudscape

Published by Cloudscape Comics


Epic Canadiana returns with all-new, all-different stories of Canadian superheroes. These comics might remind you of the long lost Canadian superheroes of the golden age, but fear not, dear reader! What Epic Canadiana delivers are over 200 pages of wholly new tales from a new generation of Canadian comics creators, eager to react to the here and now. Whether you have read Epic Canadiana Volume One or not, feel free to dive in to this book. But beware, the mysterious Department None is watching.

Epic Canadiana Volume Two features comics by Manoj Kumar A, Nevin Arnold, George Athanasiou, Dino Caruso, Nelson da Rocha, Tesni E, Kate Ebensteiner, Jeffrey Ellis, Xan Grey, D.M. Higgins, Micah Iwaasa, Eric Johnson, Matthew Klippenstein, Ksenia Kozhevnikova, Julian Lawrence, Stephanie Lein, A.L. Onfroi, Kyle Roberts, Liam Rodgers, Kris Sayer, Renuka Singh, Shevon Singh, Jordan Stasuk, Bevan Thomas, Ian Thomas, Colin Upton, John Ward, Jayleen Weaver, Jeri Weaver, Jason Wilkins, Craig Wilson, and Edison Yan.

Also available digitally on Gumroad!

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ??? Copies Printed, Released November 23 2015