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Basic info[]

236 pages Black & White 7.43 x 4.5 in

Anthology Contributors:

Jeff Ellis, Jonathon Dalton, Colin Upton, Kevin Forbes, Toren Atkinson, Angela Melick, Christopher Leinonen, Scott Ritchings, Steve Lecouilliard, Scot Ritchie, Lou Ford, Edison Yan, Aaron Bouthillier, John Christmas, Megan Furesz, Cat Tang, Chloe Chan, Jason Harris, Wei Li, Colleen Mcisaac, Jordyn F. Bochon, Aliena Shoemaker, Camilla d’Errico, Eric Zawadzki, Chris Zawadzki, Curt Steckham, Paul Soeiro

Website: Cloudscape

Published by Cloudscape Comics


From ocean floors to the darkest parts of space, science fiction has been built on creative and challenging short stories. Cloudscape Comics adds to this tradition by presenting the next generation of scifi storytelling in its anthology, Exploded View. This collection includes unique stories by 25 individual artists, tales of android companions, future worlds without engineers and intercultural alien exchanges. It’s enough to blow your mind along with the mind of your time-travelling, parallel dimension self, too! Featuring short stories from: Angela Melick, Jonathon Dalton, Wei Li, Camilla D’Errico, Steve LeCoulliard, Kevin Forbes, Chloe Chan, and Aliena Shoemaker, among others.

Printing Information[]

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