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Basic info[]

Written by Matt Ringel

Art by Henry Ponciano

Lettered by Toben Racicot

22 pages, full colour.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter



FALLEN 3 is 22 pages, full colour and printed on standard American sized comic format on high quality paper.  FALLEN blends the genres of mystery and fantasy by creating a thrilling mythological noir story for mature readers. The story takes place in the vibrant, synth-pop filled era of the 1980’s in the loud, crowded streets of New York City.

FALLEN 3 continues along as Casper Clay hunts for clues on who killed his boss Zeus. As he starts to pull on the threads woven throughout the criminal underworld of gods, more questions begin to pop up. As he gets closer to the truth, invisible walls begin to close in on him and if he’s not careful he could be next.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ???