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Basic info[]

Written by Jason Turner

Drawn by Jason Turner

Cover by Jason Turner

Softcover, 166 pages, Colour, 6x9"

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Nominated for the Gene Day Award of the 2018 Joe Shuster Awards


The town of Fir Valley sits on the side of a mountain, nestled up against the forest. The town is shaken when a man is killed and his son disappears. While the community reacts to these events, the mystery is investigated and dark secrets from the town's past come to light. There are strange things lurking in the woods.

Fir Valley is a full-colour supernatural mystery-thriller by Jason Turner, set in the enigmatic small town of Fir Valley, which is nestled in a valley surrounded by BC’s iconic mountains and forests. A man has been murdered and a child has disappeared; who or what is responsible? As the mystery is investigated, numerous dark secrets of Fir Valley come to light before the reader’s eyes.

Printing Information[]

  1. Firs Printing ??? Copies, Published in 2017