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Basic info[]

Written by Michael Lagacé

Drawn by Todor Hristov

Cover by Todor Hristov

Softcover, 116 pages, colour

Published by: Self-published

Funded by Kickstarter`


Picked up by Scout Comics in 2019.

In development as a feature film February 2021


The Forever Maps begins in 1794 when a young man named John leaves home. No longer willing to suffer the abuse of his father or see his mother hurt protecting him, he sets out on his own and comes across a weak old man who reluctantly asks him for help with a map. When they follow it, they find a mysterious wooden box carved into a tree stump. Inside, another map. The old man smashes the box, angry, infuriated! He wants nothing to do with it, and forces John to take it. When John follows this new map, he finds identical boxes leading him all across the country. For decades he does this, fixated on finding something -- anything -- other than a map, until he realizes that as long as he follows them, he doesn’t get older. And it’s not until nearly a century later that he learns when he stops, even for an hour, his age quickly catches up.

Torn between family and immortality, John must continually choose between living forever and having a life worth living. The first chapter explores his relationship with his parents; angry at his father, fearful for his mother. In the second chapter, John falls in love and wants to be there for his new family, but he knows that when he does, he'll die. In the last chapter, John learns the hardest lesson of his life as he becomes the father he swore he'd never be, and then has to fight for redemption.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Printing Kickstarter Special Edition matte cover numbered 600 Copies, Published November 2016
  2. First Printing Regular Edition ??? Copies, Published November 2016
  3. First Scout Comics Printing ??? Copies, Published January 2020