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Basic info[]

32 pages Colour 8.5 x 11 in

Anthology Contributors:

Jeff Ellis, Jonathon Dalton, Colin Upton, Kevin Forbes, Toren Atkinson, Angela Melick, Christopher Leinonen, Scott Ritchings, Steve Lecouilliard, Scot Ritchie, Lou Ford, Severine Leibundgut, Alex, Julian Lawrence, Ken Boesem, Phil Barrett, Emmett Hall, Mike Birkhofer

Website: Cloudscape

Published by Cloudscape Comics


Cloudcape’s tribute to Sunday Newspaper comic strips, Funday Sunnies is a full-colour anthology of hilarity and adventure in one package. Each story exist in bite-size format, and pays homage to the greats of sunday newstrips, with stories dedicated to barbarian adventurers, barista wars, slumberland chicago, and even….romance? This book features work by Phil Barrett, Toren Atkinson, Colin Upton, Angela Melick, Scott Ritchings, Emmett Hall, Julian Lawrence and more.

Printing Information[]

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