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Created by Lawrenz Lano

Gaia Force Official Website

Published by New Heroes Comics

Gaia Force also has their entry in the New Heroes Database


Gaia Force is a group of super human beings created by the entity known as The Guardian.

It was on Earth on December 21, 2012 that the Guardian made his presence known. Having heard the pangs of pain of the planet, he had come to investigate and he learned that the planet was one of many in the universe that possessed a soul. Although its inhabitants had called it Earth, the planet’s soul was called Gaia.

She had given rise to many forms of life, one of which was called Man, but unlike all her other children, Man had turned away and had made himself supreme ruler of the planet. He had claimed the land, the oceans and even the skies, causing the balance that Gaia had established to topple. Man had raped the planet of its resources, destroyed countless number of habitats and caused the extinction of thousands of species, all of which had made Gaia too weak to retaliate. So the Guardian had intervened.

He healed the planet and created Gaia Force to watch over her. Their mission is to protect Gaia from her enemies. Gaia Force is based primarily at the Citadel on the dark side of the Moon but their territory extends as far as the edge of the heliosphere. 

Some three centuries later, Gaia announced that Gaia Force had fulfilled its duty towards her and the team disbanded.  Although some decided to remain by Gaia’s side, most set out among the stars to find their own destinies.


The primary members are

Avatar Prime, Meridian, Silverlance, Farpoint, Hartree, Roguestar and Night Storm.

The Citadel members are Renshi, Arkahnus and Nicci.

Caregiver is also a primary member but her position as Gaia's voice keeps her Earthbound.


Gaia Force was first introduced in the novel Grey Legacy by Lawrenz Lano.

Grey legacy final cover front

Their second appearance was in The Gaia Force Source Book by Lawrenz Lano. Art by John Becaro. The French version is entitled Livre de Référence de Gaia Force .

Source book 1 ENGLISH
Source book 1 FRENCH

Their most recent appearance is in the comic book entitled The Return of Gaia Force #1 and Return of Gaia Force #2 published by New Heroes Comics. There has been three versions of this comic. Along with the English version there is also a French and Black and White version. Art by Luis Rivera.

GF issue 2 COVER

Gaia Force has also appeared in The World of Gaia Force, a compilation of pin-ups featuring every character associated with Gaia Force. Art by John Becaro.

World of Gaia Force