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Basic info[]

Gurukitty Studios third annual Anthology

Cover by ?

Manga sized Softcover, 212 pages, Black & White

Published by Gurukitty Studios

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A collection of 23 Sci-fi comic shorts by an array of talented artists and writers from all over this universe and beyond. Contains the following stories

  • Sweet Dreams By Erickson Dela Rosa
  • A New Beginning By Tim Sparvero
  • For The Birds By Cam Hayden
  • The Bereaved By Jorge Santiago & Crystal Jayme
  • Kira by Chev Kamie
  • Garbage Man By Bevan Thomas & Andrew Macklin
  • Automatons By Bevan Thomas & Chenoa Gao (Onedove)
  • Ocean of Emptiness by Paul Bradford & Allen Byrns
  • The Humanoidilus by Reetta Linjama
  • Junkyard Dogs by Owen Heitmann & Jake “Two” Bresanello
  • The Blip By Patrick McEvoy, Matias Basla & Rodolfo Buscaglia
  • Working (Space) Mom! By Patrick McEvoy & Olivia Pelaez
  • Breaking Out by Christopher Cirillo
  • Time Hipsters by Benjamin Ripley
  • The Lost Mech by Aileen S. Balucanag & L.M. Silva
  • Sterile Procedures by Dino Caruso, Sami Kivela & Chris Johnson
  • Still In Beta by Dino Caruso and Wells Calthorpe, Gary O Donnell&Adam Wollet
  • Ardor’s Rage by Patrick Wong and Trevor Ainsworth
  • Sisters for Life by Cheyanne and Alexandria Lozano
  • Mills by Jason Hart
  • Ever Beautiful by Bevan Thomas & Ksenia Kozhevnikova
  • Laika The Space Dog by Jayleen Weaver
  • Because we Can by Jeri Weaver

Printing Information[]

  1. Firs Printing ??? Copies, Published on 2017?