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Basic info[]

Written by Brian FH Clement

Art, Colours & Letters by Arinn Westendorf

First Appearance of the Ghost Cats in print

Characters Appearing[]

  • Ghost Cats (1st Appearance)
  • Lonely woman
  • Ghost dog


A young woman sits alone in her apartment, in which we see evidence of her formerly owning a now-deceased cat. She hears strange noises and sees evidence that cats have been in her apartment, but she can't find them.

The woman realizes she is being haunted by Ghost Cats, who appear to want her to follow them. She does so, and on the way down the street she sees another person walking with a ghost dog.

The Ghost Cats lead the woman to the site of a bag by a river, in which are two tiny cat skeletons, and she realizes the Ghost Cats wanted to show her where they died. She buries the skeletons and shows the Ghost Cats what it's like to be a cat, giving them treats and playing with them.

The Ghost Cats go with the woman to the beach and watch the sunset. They disappear, and the woman realizes she is sitting near the person who she earlier saw with the ghost dog, now also alone. The two people sit together.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 200 Copies, Vancouver launch party