Canadian Indie Comic Books Wiki

Basic info[]

Written by Brian FH Clement

Art, Colours & Letters by Arinn Westendorf

Characters Appearing[]

  • Ghost Cats
  • Angry man
  • Paranormal Investigators
  • Spirit Medium
  • Mister Sniffles (another ghost cat)


A man sits alone in his large house, reading Poems of Woe during a thunderstorm. After he goes to bed, he is unable to sleep due to strange noises. Investigating the sounds, he is startled by the Ghost Cats, who attempt to befriend him, but he leaps across his bed and is knocked unconscious by the fall.

After coming to, he sees no sign of the Ghost Cats and gets back in bed. The next morning, the Ghost Cats have curled up to sleep on his bed, which infuriates the man. He resolves to try occult methods to rid himself of the Ghost Cats.

The man attempts to use ghost repellent, and then a Circle of Protection, and then a crucifix. None of the methods work, which makes the man progressively angrier. He calls Paranormal Investigators, who find no sign of the Ghost Cats. After their departure, the Ghost Cats return, and the man is infuriated. He calls a Spirit Medium, who he hopes will exorcise the Ghost Cats from his home.

During a seance, the Spirit Medium calls the Ghost Cats, who show the man a vision of himself as a child. He remembers being a boy and having his beloved pet cat run over by a car, and his subsequent rejection of a new cat, which led to lifelong resentment against all cats.

Having made peace with the Ghost Cats, the man visits the grave of his pet cat Mister Sniffles in a pet cemetery. Mister Sniffles returns to visit the man, who holds Mister Sniffles in his arms one final time before bidding his cat a final farewell.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 200 Copies, Vancouver launch party