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Basic info[]

Written by Brian FH Clement

Art, Colours & Letters by Arinn Westendorf

Characters Appearing[]


A collection of one-page, full-colour comics and other artwork featuring the Ghost Cats, some of which appeared as webcomics on their official site,

The Ghost Cats go on various adventures, including visiting the bottom of the ocean, going to outer space and meeting Chris Hadfield in orbit, visiting the Haunted Mansion at a carnival, visiting a "meow-seum," helping an alien escape from the FBI, and getting tattoos (which they cannot receive due to their intangibility).

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 50 Copies, Canzine Toronto
  2. Second Print: 100 Copies, Canzine Vancouver

Due to a printer error, the 1st printing of episode 3 features different comics in a slightly different order than the 2nd printing.