Canadian Indie Comic Books Wiki

Basic info[]

Written by Brian FH Clement

Art, Colours & Letters by Arinn Westendorf

Characters Appearing[]

  • Ghost Cats
  • Friendly forest witch
  • Bald vampire
  • Vlad vampire
  • Woman vampire
  • Child vampire


The Ghost Cats frolic in the forest and come upon an elderly woman picking herbs. She beckons them over and immediately becomes friendly with them, and the Ghost Cats follow her home. Based on her home, it is clear that she is a witch, complete with broom, cauldron, jars of strange ingredients, and the skeletong of her deceased familiar, Sable. She makes stew and knits while the Ghost Cats make themselves at home.

During the night, a group of 4 vampires scratch at the door, but the Ghost Cats knock over a jar to make noise. The elderly woman wakes up, and the vampires flee. In the sunlight, she investigates the footprints, which make it clear to her that vampires were skulking about outside.

The witch makes various preparations, sharpening blades and the end of her broom, preparing a garlic stew, and setting up her house for defense. During the night, the vampires return in the form of bats, which become mist to slip under the door. One of the Ghost Cats knocks over a jar full of buttons, which spills buttons everywhere, and two of the vampires stop to count them, as vampires are compelled to do.

The other two vampires try to make their way upstairs, but the witch sees them from the top of the stairs. The vampires are dispatched by various traps and defenses prepared by the witch, until the most powerful vampire remains. The witch uses a spell to transform into a creature of fire, and blasts the remaining vampire with columns of fire.

The next day, the Ghost Cats accompany the witch as she picks herbs. She smiles at them, and reveals she still has the power of flame within her. The Ghost Cats, having made a new friend, float away into the forest.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: 50 Copies, Canzine Toronto
  2. Second Print: 150 Copies, Canzine Vancouver