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Basic info[]

152 pages black and white 11 x 7.5 in

Anthology Contributors:

Jonathon Dalton, Colin Upton, Kevin Forbes, Edison Yan, Bevan Thomas, Reetta Linjama, Shannon Campbell, Ksenia Kozhevnikova, Christine Vivier, Aaron Bouthillier, John Christmas, Toren Atkinson, Megan Furesz, Oliver McTavish-Wisden, Mara Coman, Jeff Forbes, Kolia Liquette

Website: Cloudscape

Published by Cloudscape Comics


Giants of Main Street is Cloudscape’s massive tome exploring the theme of fantasy and magic within an urban environment. This graphic novel carries the reader through a multitude of impossible cities inhabited by all manner of strange creatures, from the labyrinth of Minoan Crete where the Minotaur howls for understanding to an industrial slum where a panhandling monster yearns for respect and power, from communities ravaged by sorcerous wars to thriving metropoli preserved in bottles, from realities so unlike any we know to worlds that seem so comfortingly familiar until we realize what lurks within the cracks.

Anything imagined can be found here if you are brave enough to look. The anthology features such varied prominent contributors as independent comics veteran Colin Upton, animator and illustrator Rebecca Dart, video game artist Edison Yan, and Toren Atkinson, vocalist and lyricist for horror-themed rock band Darkest of the Hillside Thickets.

Printing Information[]

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