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Basic info[]

Written by Brad Seymour

Art by Brad Seymour

Cover by Brad Seymour

24 pages Colour

Successfully funded on Kickstarter

Sandstone Comics

Published by: Sandstone Comics

Characters Appearing[]

Jett Squires. Hailing from Charlotte City, this high flying superstar, takes to the air like a superhero!  An adrenaline junkie, with a need for speed. High risk, high reward all while staying Rad!

Xander Oak. This Las Vegas native loves the roar of the crowd and the bright lights.

Cinder Sky. She’s a real wild child, that will have you crying in a pile of ash. This Luchadora is as comfortable coming off the top rope, as she is twisting you into knots to make you submit.


Get ready to enter the high impact arena of Victory Pro World, the world’s premier professional wrestling league.

Follow Jett Squires, as he goes from an indie superstar to have to prove his mettle against the best in the world.  But it’s not all about the fight; allies and enemies exist in every corner of Victory Pro World (VPW) and threats can come from anywhere at any time, in the chase for glory.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: July 2020