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Basic info[]

Written by Christopher Yao

Art by Christopher Yao

Cover by Christopher Yao

?? pages Colour: ?

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Published by: Yaoza Studio


Greylight tells the story of a man named Ordine, who along with select others throughout the world, has been gifted by beings of another space and time, a great power and tasked with protecting the planet. Or at least, his small area of it.

The Greylight is the power to phase through the fabric of the current world and it's ghosted place between reality and infinite space. Kind of like a purgatory but without having passed away.

Wanting to live his life as normally as possible, but seeing in his new situation the ability to prevent major disasters and wrongdoings, Ordine finds a balance but hates the attention from some and scrutiny and anger from others. Until one day doing his usual bouts of heroism, he is met by another greylighter, who tells him of some of the others have gone missing... completely.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Print: ?number of copies? Copies Printed, Officially Released March 2018