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Basic info[]

Written by Chris Sanagan

Drawn by Jason Lapidus

Cover by Jason Lapidus

Softcover, 158 pages, black & white

Published by: Group of 7 Comics

Website ~ Facebook

Favourite Book Selection 2018 (Canadian Geographic)

Collects these Comics[]


The First World War. Vimy Ridge. Canada's baptism by fire. Its secret history was classified... UNTIL NOW.

While the battle rages topside, Canadian physician John McCrae leads a secret mission underneath the Ridge against a mysterious enemy with monstrous intentions. To succeed, he'll need a group of unique individuals. A group of legendary heroes. A Group of 7.

Group of 7: A Most Secret Tale collects issues #1-6 of the acclaimed comic book series Group of 7 in one complete volume with updated art and bonus content.

Printing Information[]

  1. First Printing ??? Copies, December 2020