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Basic info[]

Written by Reg Stacey

Drawn by Reg Stacey with colours by Angela Stacey

Cover by Reg and Angela Stacey

Softcover, 128 pages, Colour

Available on Indy Planet

Collects these Comics[]


Just in time for Canada’s 150th birthday, comes the Group of Seven Trade Paperback! This volume collects all four issues of the first book of The Group of Seven, complete with new content. Experience all four pulse-pounding issues as a complete story! What better way is there to celebrate Canada ‘s turning 150 other than buying this book? Get yours today! With the mysterious return of Canada”s founding father, John A. Macdonald, Canada is elevated to a new age of independent national growth, bringing with it a heightened sense of unrest. There have been many assassination attempts on the Prime Minister”s life as a result of his revolutionary agendas. Many of these attacks have employed super-humans, resulting in the government”s ever growing dependency on Canada”s Premier Super Team, The True North Guardians. However, while an appointed meeting between the Prime Minister and the Maple Leaf takes place to discuss the growing superhuman threats, The True North Guardians are eliminated in one fell swoop.

Printing Information[]

  1. Firs Printing ??? Copies, Published on ? 2017